Duizenden in Californië zonder stromend water

Foto: Sargasso achtergrond wereldbol

Californië is zo droog dat men in sommige county’s al overgaat tot het verven van het gazon omdat het water op rantsoen is gesteld.

Maar in Central Valley komt er bij duizenden inwoners überhaupt geen water meer uit de kraan.

While a handful of communities across the state are dealing with municipal water contamination and shortages, the area that’s hardest hit—and routinely referred to as the “ground zero of the drought”—is Tulare County, a rural, agriculture-heavy region in the Central Valley that’s roughly the size of Connecticut. As of this week, 5,433 people in the county don’t have running water, according to Lockman. Most of those individuals live in East Porterville, a small farming community in the Sierra Foothills. East Porterville is one of the poorest communities in California: over a third of the population lives below the federal poverty line, and 56 percent of adults didn’t make it through high school. About three quarters of residents are Latino, and about a third say they don’t speak English “very well.”

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