We’re all crash-test dummies now

Your must-read du jour: Mike Davis on the destruction of the three pillars of McWorld,

American consumption:
“Even if debt-limit doomsday is averted, Obama has already hocked the farm and sold the kids. With breathtaking contempt for the liberal wing of his own party, he’s offered to put the sacrosanct remnant of the New Deal safety net on the auction bloc to appease a hypothetical “center” and win reelection at any price. (Dick Nixon, old socialist, where are you now that we need you?)

As a result, like the Phoenicians in the Bible, we’ll sacrifice our children (and their schoolteachers) to Moloch, now called Deficit. The bloodbath in the public sector, together with an abrupt shutoff of unemployment benefits, will negatively multiply through the demand side of the economy.”

European stability:
“Across the Atlantic, the European Union is demonstrating that it is exclusively a union of big banks and mega-creditors, grimly determined to make the Greeks sell off the Parthenon and the Irish emigrate to Australia. One doesn’t have to be a Keynesian to know that, should this happen, the winds will only blow colder thereafter. (If German jobs have so far been saved, it is only because China and the other BRICs—Brazil, Russia, and India—have been buying so many machine tools and Mercedes.)”

and Chinese growth:
“China has caught the Dubai virus and now every city there with more than one million inhabitants (at least 160 at last count) aspires to brand itself with a Rem Koolhaas skyscraper or a destination mega-mall. The result has been an orgy of over-construction.

Despite the reassuring image of omniscient Beijing mandarins in cool control of the financial system, China actually seems to be functioning more like 160 iterations of Boardwalk Empire, where big city political bosses and allied private developers are able to forge their own backdoor deals with giant state banks.”

Conclusion: we’re all crash-test dummies now:
“As the three great economic blocs accelerate toward synchronized depression, I find that I’m no longer as thrilled as I was at 14 by the prospect of a classic Felsen ending—all tangled metal and young bodies.”

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    Leuke advertentie stond net in dat groene hokje hiernaast:

    “The Euro is imploding, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t profit.”

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    Ja, we gaan er allemaal aan, hoor. Het einde van de wereld 2012 is al eeuwen geleden voorspeld. Hou maar op met alles wat je doet, het heeft toch geen zin meer.

    Kan iedereen nou eens ophouden met dat negatieve doemdenkerij gedoe, gvd?!