Native Perspectives 8

Our comfort zone is built upon energy. Most of it comes from fossils. Tinkering with energy, is inviting disruptions.

When big oil speaks about our energy future, paying attention is called for.

Interesting to note that the commercial domain speaks so eloquently and at the same time detached, about our future. Which includes theirs.

A case is made for cities to take the lead. Not national governments, NGO’s, individual people, nor actors in the commercial domain.

This case is interestingly synchronistic, now electric vehicles are positioned as harbingers of an all electric society. Where there’s abundant electricity, mobility and water for all.

When we would take the effort to make this idea happen by telling our city governors to realize their crucial role, we would be acting truly effectively in serving our comfort zone.

  1. 2

    Kan? iemand! iets. aan dat tenenkrommende , taalgebruik doen. Leestekens. Misbruik, ze! Net!

    Als je iets over wilt brengen, zijn mooie volzinnen echt aan te raden!

  2. 8

    @7 maar ja, als je tot nu toe na 8 afleveringen waarneemt dat de vorm blijkbaar de inhoud zeer in de weg staat (anders waren er wel inhoudelijke discussues geweest, we zitten hier op Sargasso), kan dat toch ook wel tot nadenken stemmen?