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Native Perspectives – Epiloog

Na een aantal afleveringen, nu een epiloog van Native Perspectives.

Degenen die mijn postings en de reacties zo’n beetje gevolgd hebben, zal het niet verbazen dat er een einde is gekomen aan Native Perspectives. Wat mij betreft voortijdig.

Ik stel voor dat we de verleiding weerstaan te denken en schrijven in termen van schuldvraag.

Ik stel ook voor dat we proberen een open oog te hebben voor ieders ontwikkelingsgang en te blijven zoeken naar gelegenheden elkaar daarbij te versterken.

Pace e Bene,


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Native Perspectives 17

After displaying some of my thoughts and emotions in this blog, I’d like to fine tune what could be worth while blogging about.

So I’d like to take the liberty to invite the reader to share his/her ideas. In order to keep the postings focussed on what this blog aims to be about, some questions. Feel free to deviate, if you deem that appropriate.

– How do you appreciate the current state of affairs in the world
— What opportunities
— What threats

– Who are you
— Why are you on this planet
— How do you relate to other sentient beings

– What is your work
— Seeing other sentient beings in discomfort or pain, what do you desire
— Seeing other sentient beings in discomfort or pain, what do you do

This short list will do to get a picture, enabling an increase in quality of the content of this blog

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Native Perspectives 16

Would be haiku

How joyful for Spirit to see life force blossoming
How painful for ego to see chances for blossoming not realized

Spirit is the pond in which occasions are ripples
Ego identifies with ripples: up with success and down with failure

With large ripples, mind and words fail to express what is experienced

Spirit, knowing separation is illusionary, remains placid
Ego seeking contact and seeing its evasive nature, scrambles for comfort

To the extent we embody Zorba the Buddha, we live life:
express pond and ripples perfectly

– – –

We should make things as simple as possible, but not simpler

When so deeply involved with what this blog is about, this haiku of sorts seems unavoidable to express the world I live in.

This world behind high hopes and despair is only visible for those who can see beyond appearances. Who have the ability and take the time.

I see my involvement pressing this ability on me. My Zorba is reluctant, my Buddha is willing. We see this ego in action; being moulded by the ripples it creates.

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Native Perspectives 15

Look ma, almost no links!

We’re on a mission from [and to] God.

But tend to get lost along the way.

One could see ‘fixing things’ as our overriding modus operandi.

This results in the raw material for our earthly experience.

Huxley offers an interesting perspective: it’s what we do with what happens to us, which forms our experience.

So, how does this relate to

It’s about what you do with the means offered to you, to do what you deem necessary.

Get serious guys, this is our kids’ planet we’re dealing with.

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Native Perspectives – 14

Ich bin ein burgher.

As I see it, cities and their leaders might be the right format regarding making this world a better place.

Take Gavin Newson of San Fransisco, Enrique Penalosa of Bogota or Gerd Leers of Maastricht.

An alternative route might be found at seasoned burghers, or burghers at sea, sailing a contemporary version of a junk rig.

To me, being at sea gives one a sense of proportion, rarely found elsewhere.

The elegance

and ingenuity of sailing I find inspiring.

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Native Perspectives 12

A Native Perspectives 101
[ upon much request, some imo clear lines; minimal use of links ]

I get emotional when I see children. Children of plants, animals, people, ideas.
In my direct surroundings this is common. When looking at it historically and when looking at current affairs, this is less common. I am hurt and puzzled.

Reasons for this pain I can see in shared values as well as in systems: stress, fear, ignorance, greed, anger, dependency, loneliness, comfort, laziness, turning a blind eye. An enormous force, generating suffering.
As I just read: ‘you’re on the table, or you’re on the menu’

In the experiencing of these, inside myself as well as outside, exploring and communicating gets slow and inconvenient.

At the same time I see many opportunities for a workable path towards significantly better life passing by my window every day. I try my best to share this enthusiasm. To share, to explore, to travel together for a while.

So perhaps this Native Perspectives blog is about Sangha.

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Native Perspectives 11

Off late the term ‘decadence‘ comes to mind.

It seems mainstream culture is unable / unwilling, to respond adequately to current pressing issues. This could be labelled as decadent, in the sense of a self destructive response. Respondents regarding this blog can file themselves under this category. In fact, it might prove illustrative to read the reactions to previous postings and compare them to the subject matter presented.

Fortunately there are other currents in society, which are open to a regime where potentials are stimulated to unfold.

As I see it, a regional format addressing contemporary icons has best chances for resilience to unfold.

Why cars? Since they’re icons of freedom, death, wealth, power, obesity, speed, urban sprawl, congestion, stagnation, utility and a host of other things.

Changing the icons, is changing conceptions of the Good. And that is what bears strong potential of making a significant contribution to the unfoldment of potentials.

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Native Perspectives – 10

Some acronyms for modern living

RTP: responsibility to protect. How?
Do: show moral courage before shit hits fans, by going first on ethical issues. Have a social draft, also abroad, eat organic, local and vegetarian (including animals under water), produce materials cradle to cradle, walk and bike where you can and use a –sharedEV powered by CSP.
Don’t: invade a region with necessities RTE: responsibility to enjoy. How?
Do: body scan software will developed and uploaded to street surveillance camera’s and high definition satellite mounted camera’s. These can read from your facial expressions and body language how you experience using luxury consumer goods.

– If not experienced as advertised, a fine related to income will be subtracted automatically from one’s bank account.
– If experienced as advertised or better, a reward will be added to one’s bank account.
Don’t: have a -repressed- morning after the purchase before RES: renewable energy sources. How?
Do: use one’s head, heart and hands. This inevitably leads to a solar thermal base load from the deserts and a mix of
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Native Perspectives 9

A focus on criticism and formal dimensions of utterings seems rampant in our society.
When looking for ways to address pressing issues, this exacerbates these issues .

What is needed is (i) clear thinking, followed by (ii) a dialogue with peers, aimed at improving on –ways towards- intended outcomes, resulting in (iii) effective action.

Some ideas that might offer relief:
1. play (consider the idea that play comes before and is more fundamental than culture. And that in important ways it resembles transition arena’s, considered elementary to transitions)

2. look at to what extent your response to things out of the ordinary is related to fear (of not being appreciated by presumed significant others)

a. dare to be –perceived- dumb, irrational, illogical, emotional
b. be silent and wait for other insights to emerge
c. think about what would matter when you would only have a week to live and compare
3. imagine
4. imagine
5. make a next step

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Native Perspectives 8

Our comfort zone is built upon energy. Most of it comes from fossils. Tinkering with energy, is inviting disruptions.

When big oil speaks about our energy future, paying attention is called for.

Interesting to note that the commercial domain speaks so eloquently and at the same time detached, about our future. Which includes theirs.

A case is made for cities to take the lead. Not national governments, NGO’s, individual people, nor actors in the commercial domain.

This case is interestingly synchronistic, now electric vehicles are positioned as harbingers of an all electric society. Where there’s abundant electricity, mobility and water for all.

When we would take the effort to make this idea happen by telling our city governors to realize their crucial role, we would be acting truly effectively in serving our comfort zone.

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Native perspectives 7

Some suggestions regarding tackling common institutional barriers in a transition towards a sustainable energy regime. And thus boost resilience

1. allow people to hop on a bike and interact with people in other regions. This can be accomplished by finding ways to support people with aspirations in this directions. An example is paying them for writing post cards to people you think would appreciate receiving such mail. In this case my friends in their turn support a school in Nepal. To me a recumbent are the preferred way of traveling, due to an inclination towards laziness.

2. If staying home is preferred: insource part time best of class, seasoned, transition thinker
a. sign a formal agreement with regime actors (CEO, CFO, COO, CDO)
b. built trust
c. develop new criteria for success
d. use head, heart and hands
e. connect short with long term, micro with macro
f. frappez toujours
g. develop an in group language
h. synchronize with world at large and keep the hype of the day at bay
i. have inspiring deliverables
j. make the process joyful and in sync with the results sought / allowed
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Native perspectives 6

Confrontations between good and bad are of all ages. Hero’s need them. Although since post modernism this is a matter of perspective, to me some images are hard to look away from.

To me quite a number look like pieces of a jig saw puzzle. A 4D one. I like to assume that a larger picture regarding pressing current issues could be of interest. We all have pictures like this, ranging from implicit to explicit. Sharing them could help us survive.

The following pieces offered could be of interest in deblurring our minds intellectually and otherwise. An invitation into meaning, if you like.

1. The picture, or perhaps more aptly: icon, of Frankenstein shows an important ingredient in our current iteration of lessons to be learned. It shows the mixed blessing of technology: a significant increase in standard of living for many, which has become an unguided missile, threatening all. At the same time it offers tremendous opportunities, when used properly. 2. Part of this unguidedness are our attempts to address our sense of lack. The more fruits of technology we can afford and –ever briefly- enjoy, the more we are confronted with the inadequacy of what we have achieved vis a vis what we set out for: the Good life. This results in boredom, killing time, seeking new thrills. 3. To round up for now: