Movember is upon us again

Foto: Sargasso achtergrond wereldbol

Hier weer een bijdrage die we overnemen van Osocio. Deze site volgt wereldwijd “social adverting and non-profit campaignes”.

Last year, I grew a moustache to raise funds for prostate cancer research as part of the Movember movement. This year, I thought I’d give it a rest. But while I was shaving, the damn thing went global.

All of a sudden, I’m seeing news coverage from all over the world.

There are ad campaigns emerging from the four corners of the world. Here’s one from TBWA Singapore (see the whole series at Ads of the World)

The movement picked up an awesome spokesbro:

And they’ve even launched a popular user-generated video contest, ”The Moscars

(more after break)

So, do I regret giving the mo’ a miss this time around? Well, not yet. After all, I think it’s my turn to donate more than my face and my wife’s dignity to this important cause.

But mostly, I doubt I will ever, ever be able to look more macho than I did last year, when we were on-location at a vintage steel mill for a TV shoot.

You go, Mo Bros. Kick cancer’s pestilent ass.


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#1 Arjan

Yup. Mijn werk doet dit jaar ook mee. Heb zelf gekozen voor het model ’trucker’, waar er vanaf de kanten van de lip twee lijnen recht naar beneden lopen tot aan de kin. Mensen zijn nogal verbaast.

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#2 larie

Strange..the thing is that when a member of a species appears 2 b redundant (no offspring creating excercising ) u’r off. When these little eggheads stay inside they r encapsulated and into in the end b cum invasive (hight tissue pressure) killers. Die oude mannen die steeds maar moeten plassen zonder gebonden straal.

The message is..cum and again.

Growing hairs under u’r nose is useless.

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