Native Perspectives 9

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A focus on criticism and formal dimensions of utterings seems rampant in our society.
When looking for ways to address pressing issues, this exacerbates these issues .

What is needed is (i) clear thinking, followed by (ii) a dialogue with peers, aimed at improving on –ways towards- intended outcomes, resulting in (iii) effective action.

Some ideas that might offer relief:
1. play (consider the idea that play comes before and is more fundamental than culture. And that in important ways it resembles transition arena’s, considered elementary to transitions)

2. look at to what extent your response to things out of the ordinary is related to fear (of not being appreciated by presumed significant others)

a. dare to be –perceived- dumb, irrational, illogical, emotional
b. be silent and wait for other insights to emerge
c. think about what would matter when you would only have a week to live and compare
3. imagine
4. imagine
5. make a next step

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#1 S’z

Meta !

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#2 su

Workers of the world…relax!

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#3 Gezellig

In the current state of affairs, we need to be resilient and patient. Quietly awaiting the natural deterioration of quasi-authentic jargon.

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