Russische TV-propganda toont drie keer dezelfde persoon als iemand anders

Foto: Sargasso achtergrond wereldbol


The Putin propaganda machine cannot rest. It must provide new footage daily for a viewing public eager for the next Ukrainian outrage, growing angrier with each passing day, and asking: When will our great leader, Vladimir Putin, go in and rescue our poor brethren across the border in Ukraine?

Interviews with innocent by-standers and ordinary citizens are a staple fare of the coverage. A woman shows the camera hundreds of spent cartridges she gathered after a night of violence. Extremists turn outraged local residents, on their way to visit wounded comrades, away from the hospital. A babushka, in tears, bemoans the terror in which she lives and pleads for the Russians to restore order and civilization. Pretty good stuff. I’d believe it if I did not know better.

En dus hebben we drie verschillende filmpjes van ene Andrei Petkov als onschuldig omstander en slachtoffer van Oekraïense nationalisten, als perfide Duitse spion en tenslotte als heldhaftige kinderarts en patriot.


h/t rongvk

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