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    “whatever happen”,dont let it go out of my hands.
    Michael de aartsengel is deafh,his works are not..not even,a second, like spinoza;the only dutch man ever…walk,timeless like..artist…visionary;always tune in; to console.
    That means a whole off a lot…
    De kleine dingen die het doen; no matter to talj about; what?

    Spoken pictures…




    no mattee what they say;we know and live the truth,from our youth;
    like a wound glows;to reveil,the lies;
    ” last poetes; 1968; nuevo york.”

  2. 4

    Its a big HONEUR;
    all children who love,you;
    all sporters and players basket and baseball; you would
    like but could not;
    we lover U

    enternalty pure soul
    and love children a proper way..pure they are..and act..no manners.
    And old scool rap’Last poets”
    We ,every cpuntry in the whole wide world know and love u, for truth;
    cause U catched,therm in the bright eye;and deep douwn, bright soul;
    KING; Of the movements;

    ” u say that im; YES U are a king,..if noty in these dirty world there willbe,
    a rightkmingdom for u;4 ever…in puerto di ojes…
    passado, nostre corazon.
    is no crime;onl from dirty minds;;them own!

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