Quote van de Dag: Scholen voor Afghanistan

“One of the most compelling arguments against more troops rests on this stunning trade-off: For the cost of a single additional soldier stationed in Afghanistan for one year, we could build roughly 20 schools there.”

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristoff pleit voor een mega-investering in het Afghaanse onderwijs.

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    @1 “Greg Mortenson, author of ?Three Cups of Tea,? has now built 39 schools in Afghanistan and 92 in Pakistan ? and not one has been burned down or closed. The aid organization CARE has 295 schools educating 50,000 girls in Afghanistan, and not a single one has been closed or burned by the Taliban. The Afghan Institute of Learning, another aid group, has 32 schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan, with none closed by the Taliban (although local communities have temporarily suspended three for security reasons).”