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#1 larie

Heel diep gaat dat, in dat vermaleide Amerika. Wel eens een nederlands/belgies equivalent gezien?

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#2 mark

Juistem, dit vierluik verdient TENMINSTE een waanplek. Zeker ook gezien de aankomende constitutionele clash tussen het Congres en het Witte Huis/Office Vice-President over de ontslagen openbare aanklagers en het (vermeend) onwettige uberafluisteren waartoe de Bushies overgingen na 9-11.

Deel 1 net gelezen. Hoe Cheney’s juridisch hulpje Addington (in een memo uit naam van Gonzales) Powell verdacht maakt omdat hij lijkt aandacht te willen schenken aan de rechten van verdachte terroristen:
Addington described the Geneva Conventions as “quaint,” casting Powell as a defender of “obsolete” rules devised for another time. If Bush followed Powell’s lead, Addington suggested, U.S. forces would be obliged to provide athletic gear and commissary privileges to captured terrorists.
Late that afternoon, as the “Gonzales memo” began to circulate around the government, Addington turned to Flanigan.

“It’ll leak in 10 minutes,” he predicted, according to a witness.

The next morning’s Washington Times carried a front-page article in which administration sources accused Powell of “bowing to pressure from the political left” and advocating that terrorists be given “all sorts of amenities, including exercise rooms and canteens.”

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#3 mark

Dit is ook een aardig stuk over het fenomeen Cheney [American Prospect]:

The pivotal role of Cheney’s staff in promoting war in Iraq has been well documented. Cheney was the war’s most vocal advocate, and his staff — especially Libby, Hannah, Ravich, and others — worked hard to “fit” intelligence to inflate Iraq’s seeming threat. William J. Luti, a neoconservative radical, left Cheney’s office for the Pentagon in 2001, where he organized the war planning team called the Office of Special Plans. David Wurmser, another neoconservative from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), joined the Pentagon to found the forerunner of the OSP, the so-called Counterterrorism Evaluation Group, which then manufactured the evidence that Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda were allies. To that end, Wurmser worked closely with Hannah, Libby, Luti, and Harold Rhode, a Defense Department official in Andy Marshall’s Office of Net Assessment. Ravich, along with Zalmay Khalilzad, a neoconservative Middle East analyst and now U.S. ambassador to Iraq, worked hard to build the Iraqi National Congress–linked opposition forces under Ahmad Chalabi. Libby and Hannah produced key propaganda for the war, including the most inflammatory and inaccurate speeches delivered by Cheney and Bush. The Libby-Hannah team also authored a 48-page speech for Colin Powell’s 2003 United Nations appearance so extreme that Powell trashed the entire document. That version has never been released.

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#4 Jimmy


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