Uiteraard was u al bekend met de superhandige wikipedia, de online encyclopedie waar de gehele internetcommunity aan kan bijdragen. Nu is er ook de Uncyclopedia.

De entry voor Holland is al hilarisch:

Holland is a small country in western Yurp. Although sometimes thought to be a colony of its large, loomingly aggressive neighbour Germany, natives of Holland have been known to pound their testicles flat with wooden mallets rather than be mistaken for Germans.

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    “The number four, which is the lowercase form of $, is the fifth numeral in the Roman Alphabet.”


    “Karel De Gucht is the Dutch minister of offense. He diagnosed the Belgian leader of the hippie movement, Jan Peter Balkenende as being a Harry Potter Syndrome sufferer, and accused him of wanting to turn every dutchman into a clone of Harry Potter, which almost led to a war between Holland and Belgium in the year 2005.

    Fortunately, the Japanese were willing to mediate between the two countries, which avoided the outburst of an actual war. “

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    dit stukje over nederland dan:

    The country has been especially welcoming to homosexuals, and in fact much of Holland’s current land mass owes its very existence to the tenacity of dykes. These tough, skilled lesbians have stood between the raging sea and the peaceful land for centuries, asking for nothing more than the occasional finger stuck into one of their holes.