Stripping their way through school (to save the planet)

Hier weer een bijdrage die we overnemen van Osocio. Deze site volgt wereldwijd “social adverting and non-profit campaignes”.

When Canada’s Climate Change Accountability Act (C-311), which had been passed by Parliament, was defeated by the unelected Senate, many Canadians cried foul. After all, there have been calls for democratic reform for years, including by right-wingers such as (now) Prime Minister Stephen Harper. But even Conservatives proved—like their opponents—all-too-willing to stack the Upper House with their own appointees as soon as they got the chance.

The public and environmental movement reaction has been swift and strong — not just based on the merits of the Bill, but because of a perceived failure of democracy.


Among the many who have spoken out against the death of the bill is this group of students from Guelph University, who organized and filmed a “strip mob” in their school cafeteria in the hope that their message would go viral.

Not exactly an original idea, but you have to give them credit for doing what they could to make a statement. And by keeping their underwear on, they kept it a little classier than PETA.

Read their manifesto after the break.

From the YouTube link:
On Nov 24th, 2010, several Guelph students took it off and danced their butts off to draw attention to how the Climate Change Accountability Act was dropped in Senate last week.

The Act would have made government accountable for putting in place the solutions to reduce global warming emissions to safe levels—in line with targets that leading scientists say are necessary to avoid the devastating consequences of uncontrolled climate change. It was overwhelmingly supported by and passed in the elected House of Commons, thanks in part to the support of Canadians from across the country.

This decision by Conservative senators to avoid debate and call a snap vote shows disrespect for our democracy and for Canadians, who time and again have told our elected representatives that we want the federal government to act on the most serious threat facing our country and the world.

Please call or write the Prime Minister and your Member of Parliament to let them know that we expect them to live up to their responsibility to be accountable to the will of Canadians and our democracy. Consider also sending a letter to your local newspaper to let others know how you feel.
Send a message to your MP here:


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“by keeping their underwear on, they kept it a little classier than PETA.”
…seen from an orthodox christian puritan perspective, for normal people, replace classier with boring.

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