Say No To Terror

Foto: Sargasso achtergrond wereldbol

Vanaf vandaag zullen we regelmatig een bijdrage over nemen van Osocio. Deze site volgt wereldwijd “social adverting and non-profit campaignes”.

This campaign from the Arabic world speaks out against terror: Say No To Terror.
The message is brought through a website, 5 video’s, 5 ads and a Android app.

The video’s are broadcasted on moderate & open minded channels like MBC group and Al Arabia news. According to Hayan, who helped with the translation, not the best place to send this message.
Although the message is clear feel free to add some information or translations in the comments.

Copy in the ad below: Terrorism. I’m a Muslim. I’m against it.

Below a screen from the Android app. Use the QR code to find more information about the app.

Thanks Hayan Maani and the people at our Facebook page for helping.

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#1 christinA eijkhout

My problem is understanding the language. AFAIK it can also be little videos advocating the opposite.
Zonder echte context zouden het ook videos voor diverse terroristische organisaties kunnen zijn.
Dat is jammer.

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#2 Dimitri

Nog eens anders dan onze sire spotjes: jezelf opblazen? nu nog even niet…

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#3 Warumbel

Mooi gemaakt wel, die spotjes. Erg mooi zelfs, doen bijna amerikaans aan… maar dat is vast toeval.

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