Raw materials – raw deal

Foto: Sargasso achtergrond wereldbol

Hier weer een bijdrage die we overnemen van Osocio. Deze site volgt wereldwijd “social advertising and non-profit campaigns”.

Documentary style 4:16 campaign video from Traidcraft. Their mission is to fight poverty through trade.

They explains with this campaign how many of the world’s poorest countries are rich in valuable raw materials which could help fuel their development but that many of the world’s richest countries want to get their hands on them without the profits returning to the people.

Decisions are being taken that could influence the extent to which developing countries that trade with the EU are allowed to manage their raw materials. The European Parliament’s industry, energy and research committee (ITRE) will vote on the Commission’s updated Raw Materials Initiative.

The Commission argues that these materials are essential to develop the EU’s future industrial competitiveness. However, Traidcraft believes the trade policies accompanying the initiative could further impoverish poor countries and pose a serious risk to the environment.

Traidcraft’s policy adviser, Rebecca Varghese Buchholz: “This is a great opportunity for the European Parliament to take a clear stance and ensure that Europe’s business interests do not take priority over those of developing countries and over the impact on the environment. Europe is the world’s single biggest importer of raw materials. In a world of limited resources, the EU should concentrate on getting its own house in order – not on breaking down barriers to get its hands on developing countries’ raw materials.”

More about the campaign here.


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