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QUOTE - Er is nog steeds een hoop gedoe in het voormalig Joegoslavië, maar af en toe zijn er lichtpuntjes. Deze keer uit Kroatië, waar sommige politici in staat blijken eigen oorlogsmisdaden te veroordelen en de slachtoffers (van ‘de ander’) te herdenken:

Branka Vierda of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights praised this week’s decision by a Zagreb City Assembly commission to add the names of the Zec family, who were murdered in 1991, to a register of names of people who could be memorialised by having a street or public area in the Croatian capital named after them.

Vierda said that it was “necessary as a reminder, a warning, that such a thing should never happen again – that people were killed just because they were of a certain nationality and a reminder that those responsible were not prosecuted”.

In one of the most notorious incidents of the Croatian war, police officers killed Serb civilians Marija and Mihajlo Zec and their 12-year-old daughter Aleksandra in Zagreb in December 1991.

In December last year, the new Left-Green mayor of Zagreb, Tomislav Tomasevic, attended the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the murder of the Zec family.

It was the first time that any mayor of the capital has participated in the commemoration, held on Mount Sljeme, where the victims were killed, and organised by the Anti-Fascist League of Croatia, the Serbian National Council, which represents the interests of Croatia’s Serb minority, and the NGO Documenta.

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