Native Perspectives 3

As can be read, or at least deduced, anywhere:
current policies & perspectives don’t work.
It took me 3 years of nearly full time study
and hands on experience to reach this conclusion
We can continue our path of blogging, talking,
reporting and conferring and we’ll just add CO2

what we can do

is take a next step

It’s an invitation to become like children again. To ask ourselves simple questions: ‘who am I, what is my work?’ And act according to the answers we find.
To look at the deeds of those we now more or less allow to run/ruin our society. Skip their and our words. Then start acting as if you and the world we live in matter.
See the results of your work as the result of play and treat them lightheartedly. This makes your best efforts resilient.
it’s easy, when you slow down a bit

  1. 2

    Sentences as mantra’s or prayers.

    A mental paradigm shift akin to converting to a new religion in order to avert our doom.

    Repating the prayers or proverbs to neurolinguistically reprogam our expectations and desires.

    Proverbs suck.

    (NB 1st link: George Monbiot, “Heat”, chapter “Apocalypse postponed”)

  2. 6

    You already know enough. So do I.

    Oftewel: das gesundes Volksempfinden is genoeg, echte kennis is niet nodig.

    Wie zullen we nou eens dood gaan maken?