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    ” In winter months, skating is a sensible form of transportation, as commuters skate along frozen canals to visit family or friends who live many villages away. ”

    Dat was dan toch niet deze winter.

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    Ik ben ook benieuwd welke natuurwetten hieraan ten grondslag liggen:

    “Much of the country sits below sea level, so it’s frequently not a particularly arduous journey to travel by skates.”

    below sea level heb je minder luchtweerstand of zo?

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    Spot on, this article! However, this winter we prefer Klunen above skating because of the unusual warm winter, but normally skating is a great way to go to work. Unfortunately, the number of commuters surpasses the capacity of our canals. That is the reason why skate-trafficjams occur more and more frequently in busy areas such as the Amsterdam canals and the Amsterdam-Rhine canal. Needless to say, this matter is one of the main discusion points during our coming elections. It would be great if the IBtimes covers this subject in coming articles.

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    De mooiste vond ik toch : The Dutch are the world’s best speed skaters, and they are also among the world’s best at field hockey, yet they are basically irrelevant in ice hockey.

    En verder…
    @3: nee joh, dat komt door de jaarlijkse overstromingen met zeewater en dat bevriest makkelijker bij lagere temperaturen die we hebben omdat we lager liggen. Hoe hoger je komt, hoe hoger de temperaturen dus hoe lager etc… je begrijpt me wel.

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