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    Seattle, May 11th 2017. Amy Goodman met decade volcano Mount Rainier op de achtergrond en haar gasten:

    – Prof. Ruth Ben-Ghiat, working on a book entitled Strongmen: From Mussolini to Trump:

    You know, some people, including Republicans, are now trying to spin this as Trump being Trump, an impulsive action that was just out of grievance. I see it differently. Trump is an authoritarian, as I’ve been arguing for some time. And when he says that Comey wasn’t doing his job, he means Comey was obstructing him from using the office of the presidency to further his personal goals, because authoritarians believe that the institutions should serve them and not the other way around. So I see this as completely consistent with his temperament and his agenda of colonizing the country to make it serve his personal interest.

    – Matt Adams from the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, who have taken on Jeff Sessions, filing a lawsuit in federal district court challenging an order from the Department of Justice that instructs the group to cease and desist from assisting unrepresented immigrants in deportation proceedings, the DOJ saying that the group can’t provide legal help to undocumented immigrants unless it undertakes formal representation of the clients:

    What they’re saying is that if we encounter someone who doesn’t have legal representation, that we are unable—we are being ordered to not—to refrain from assisting those individuals, unless we take on their case for full representation. But, of course, what this means is the vast majority of individuals will not receive any legal assistance. So, for example, just 40 minutes south of Seattle is a detention center where 1,500 individuals are locked up. Of those 1,500 people, 90 percent of them do not have an attorney. Our organization represents as many as we can, but that’s just a small portion of the 1,500 individuals who are locked up.

    – Tom Carpenter, executive director of Hanford Challenge, on the nation’s most polluted nuclear weapons production site which has been leaking radioactive waste on and off for years:

    it was built to make nuclear weapons and plutonium for those weapons. And now we’re left with this legacy of radioactive waste. And so, what recently happened on Tuesday morning was one of the facilities at the site suffered a collapse of a tunnel, holding vast quantities of very highly dangerous radioactive materials. Now, the government is saying that none of that escaped, except, you know, radiation itself into the sky, but no particles escaped. And so, now the question really remains is: Is that true? Were workers contaminated? It appears not. But what is the next—you know, what is the next shoe that’s going to fall? So, what’s in this tunnel, right? So, we know that there are chemicals. There are explosive materials. There could be fires that happen. So we’re all watching with bated breath.

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    Ik had het idee dat Trump de kerst niet zou halen, maar als dit zo doorgaat haalt hij de zomer niet eens. Ik weet overigens niet of dat nou zo’n goede ontwikkeling is, want dan wordt Pence president. Waar Trump ‘gewoon’ een narcistische onbenul is, is Pence een doortrapt politicus met fundamentalistische religieuze waandenkbeelden die veel meer bewuste schade kan toebrengen.

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