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    Lone wolves zijn terroristen die op eigen houtje een aanslag plegen. Ze zijn geïnspireerd door terreurgroep IS…


    En toen moest ik heel hard lachen om die bullshit.



    Alsof Breivik zich door Deash heeft laten inspireren.

    Voor meer concrete informatie over zogeheten ‘lone wolfs’ zie bijvoorbeeld:

    Schijtziek word ik van die clickbaithoernalisten die hun werk als (onderzoeks)journalist niet doen en hun publiek verkeerd voorlichten over.

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    Two Sadistic Uncles Stabbing to the Beat
    A Short Story
    by F.P. Fast-Fist

    Max Manhood looked at the hard samurai sword in his hands and felt murderous.

    He walked over to the window and reflected on his lonely surroundings. He had always hated cold Manchuria with its thundering, tender trees. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel murderous.

    Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Rei Nakamura. Rei was a sick lovely with gaunt legs and muscular arms.

    Max gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was an unflinching, coldhearted, scotch drinker with broad-shouldered legs and tall arms. His friends saw him as a puny, perfect psycho. Once, he had even revived a dying, kitten.

    But not even an unflinching person who had once revived a dying, kitten, was prepared for what Rei had in store today.

    The snow flurried like killing tigers, making Max punchy.

    As Max stepped outside and Rei came closer, he could see the joyous glint in her eye.

    “I am here because I want revenge,” Rei bellowed, in a calculating tone. She slammed her fist against Max’s chest, with the force of 3610 wolves. “I frigging love you, Max Manhood.”

    Max looked back, even more punchy and still fingering the hard samurai sword. “Rei, I killed everyone you love,” he replied.

    They looked at each other with stabby feelings, like two brave, bloody bears punching at a very twisted funeral, which had metal music playing in the background and two sadistic uncles stabbing to the beat.

    Max studied Rei’s gaunt legs and muscular arms. Eventually, he took a deep breath. “I’m sorry, but I can’t give you revenge,” he explained, in pitying tones.

    Rei looked deadly, her body raw like a glamorous, grieving gun.

    Max could actually hear Rei’s body shatter into 8818 pieces. Then the sick lovely hurried away into the distance.

    Not even a drink of scotch would calm Max’s nerves tonight.



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    Kleptocracy Daily – July 19, 2016

    DC lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin has a long list of clients from the former Soviet world, and is now working hard to undermine the Magnitsky laws. Kremlin trolls are using online petitions to try and influence U.S. legislators.

    Trump aides blocked a GOP commitment to provide Ukraine with arms to resist Kremlin aggression.

    Russian officials have condemned a new anti-corruption initiative by Alexei Navalny as an attempt to overthrow the government. A U.S. official said that Russia’s Olympic doping scandal indicated a “mind-blowing level of corruption within both Russian sport and government.”

    China’s “Fox Hunt” operation to extradite corruption suspects has reported some impressive results. Hong Kong has been identified as the likely center of a $3.1 billion trade scam.


    Is Donald Trump Working for Russia?


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    Ik betwijfel of blonde Nederlandse vrouwen zich in het gezelschap van die wannabe* vikingen wèl op hun gemak zullen voelen.

    *En ik daag die knullen uit mij een authentieke noormannenhelm mèt hoorns te tonen.

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