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    Taal is een abstractie @paul. Blackboxen van een begrip in afspraak en daar een klankenreeks aan verbinden. Een gedachte overbrengen kan met d dt t dtd..niets om het lijf die regeltjes.

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    Oei, het commentaar van dhr. Moos:

    Dear Lady,

    All I can do is echo the sentiments expressed by most of my countrymen here. I am truly appalled at my (representative) government’s behavior in not only your personal experience but in the many others that happen everyday. Oddly I don’t feel any safer knowing that we are terrorizing a young European woman for trying to cross our borders illegally. I am not sure why we can’t just stop you at the airport and say “Sorry! You can’t stay!” and send you back. The interrogations and jail seem absolutely ridiculous. And with you not being a citizen you have even less ability to change what’s going on here. Those of us who don’t like what is going on here are doing what we can, but taking back what we gave up is going to be a long difficult road.


    What if the general population of Europe started taking responsibility for their own Military Defense Plans and started booting the US out of your countries? What if Iceland closed Keflavik and committed to taking up arms in their own sake? What if the UK, Germany, Italy, and other places in Europe told us to go home? And then locked us out of their borders with the same ferocity as the US?

    What if the other civilized nations of the world took a stand against our foreign policies, with more than a meaningless complaint at the UN summits?

    What if you stopped buying our goods, and using our technologies, and selling your imports here

    The US more than any other country in the world runs on money. Bombs don’t scare us much, and force of arms would be silly given our immense advantages of arsenal size, experience at fighting in the modern age, and military tech. But a commercial threat, one that involved sanctions and limited communication would force us to make a change.

    We (the US) get away with acting like bullies because no one but crazed religious fanatics ever bother standing up to us (and we all know how unsuccessful that has been for them).

    When this country was formed it was done with the backing of the European powers at the time. Had it not been for the possible repercussions from France and others, Britain may well have maintained control, and “The Grand Experiment” may never have happened. I for one am glad it did, and I refuse to believe that 50 years of bad politics is going to ruin us. We have a lot of work to do, but if we are known for anything it is for our stubborn perseverance in the face of adversity.


    C Moos
    Boston, MA

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    @9: Die jongen van de twee zag er ook wel wat aziatisch uit, dat zal ze niet geholpen hebben. Wel vreemd dat je zulk nieuws via een blog moet vernemen. Onze zogenaamde “linkse” media pikken dit helemaal niet op.

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