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    “Volgens de gezondheidsfunctionaris zijn de meest recente doden gevallen in Kibaale (kaart), een stad zo’n 200 kilometer ten westen van Kampala.”

    En de iets minder recente?…

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    Verschillen tussen de bacteriestammen? Dat althans suggereert het artikel.

    “Ebola occurs throughout central Africa. There is no vaccine or cure, and its ultimate source isn’t known, though the hypothesis is that its reservoir—where it is maintained naturally—is in bats, said Dr. Monroe.

    The disease was first reported in 1976 and named for the river in Congo where it was first recognized. Ebola is rare but extremely deadly; the most lethal strain has killed as many as 89% of those it infected, though death rates vary widely among outbreaks.

    The current outbreak was identified as caused by a strain believed to be somewhat less virulent, known as Ebola Sudan. Still, in the largest recorded Ebola outbreak, which occurred in Uganda in 2000 and 2001, that strain killed 224, or 53%, of 425 people infected.”

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