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    first of all hindus do not hate any one. it is christian evangelics and islamic fundamentalist who spread hatred. this has been going on for 1000 years. islam had killed raped and tortured hindus for 1000 years. hindus do not tolerate islam for a good reason. smae with christians too christians forced there religion to india by vicious portugese invasion. we still tolerate christians and muslims. we do not tolerate islamic fundamentalist and christians evangelics to bash hindu life style or hindu religion or hindu gods, AGANIN WE ALL KNOW IT IS CHRISTIANS WHO DEVIDE AND RULE, LOOK AT AFRICA THEY ARE DEVIDING AND RULING, LOOK HOW MUCH AND WAR AND POORITY GOING ON IN AFRICA, MUSLIMS ALSO DEVIDE AND RULE LOOK AT AFGANISTAN THOSE TRIBE KILL EACH OTHER. NOW CHRISTIANS STARTED TRIBAL WAR IN INDIA TOO. ORISA IS GOOD EXAMPLE. WE ALL SHOULD PREVEN THIS DEVIDE AND RULE( IT WILL ONLY MAKE INDIA ANOTHER AFGANISTAN OR AFRICA WE WANT PEACE AND UNITE AND RULE. WE RESPECT ALL THE GODS, WE RESPECT MUHAMMED AND JESUS . BUT THOSE EVANGELICS AND ISLAMIC FUNDIES DO NOT RESPECT ALL THE GODS AND ALL THE RELIGION THANK YOU

    En dan zeggen ze dat de relidiscussies op Sargasso fel zijn. Relioorlogen zijn nog niet afgelopen :)

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    Nou, HansR, ik moet zeggen dat die reaguurder wel een onderscheid maakt tussen christenen tout court en evangelisten, en tussen moslims tout court en moslimfundamentalisten. Althans, in de eerst zin toch. Best netjes.