This Easter Metropolis TV searches the world for Jesus

Metropolis TV: 60 reporters worldwide, on a global weekly theme.

We asked our global network of correspondents to set out on a search for Jesus, and his image in the world. Many didn’t find him, but some others did: ranging from actors and Jesus look-a-likes to self-declared new Messiahs.

Our search leads us to Israel, where the local correspondent meets Dr. Bar El, the psychiatrist who discovered and treats the ‘Jerusalem Syndrome’ a mysterious and rare Jesus-related psychological affliction that only affects protestant tourists arriving in the Holy Land. Sadly no sufferers could be found.

Our correspondent Bertha from Kenya brings bad news as well: her search for a Jesus in her country also failed. But she did stumble upon His father though: a man in a red robe with hundreds of followers who calls himself ‘Jehovah Wanyonyi’. From Kenya we set out to Lebanon, Armenia and the United States, where our correspondents found a devout amateur Jesus Christ Superstar.

In Latin America our search narrows as we find Mario in Peru, a highly devoted truck driver who is so passionate about playing Jesus that it cost him his marriage. Luckily he is now dating Mary Magdalene. And finally, in Nicaragua, we meet the man who claims to be the one and only real new Jesus. He has shaved his beard and cut his hair, but his miracles speak for themselves, according to his followers.

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