Quote van de Dag: “With notable rare exceptions”

Foto: Sargasso achtergrond wereldbol

“Today’s competitive markets, whether we seek to recognise it or not, are driven by an international version of Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” that is unredeemably opaque. With notably rare exceptions (2008, for example), the global “invisible hand” has created relatively stable exchange rates, interest rates, prices, and wage rates.”

Alan Greenspans poging zijn eigen nalatenschap veilig te stellen leidt tot een nu al bijna legendarisch uitglijder. The wisdom of the crowds heeft al tot veel bruikbare variaties op deze quote geleid:

“With notably rare exceptions, Germany remained largely at peace with its neighbors during the 20th century.”

“With notable rare exceptions, working as a coal miner in China is a perfectly safe career choice.”

“With notably rare exceptions, Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black make legendary music.”

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