Hoe nieuw is nieuw radicaal rechts?

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#1 Edward Murrow

“We proclaim ourselves, as indeed we are, the defenders of freedom, wherever it continues to exist in the world, but we cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home. The actions of the junior Senator from Wisconsin have caused alarm and dismay amongst our allies abroad, and given considerable comfort to our enemies. And whose fault is that? Not really his. He didn’t create this situation of fear; he merely exploited it—and rather successfully.”

On Senator Joseph McCarthy, march 9 1954.

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#2 gbh

radicaal rechts hadden onze oosterburen al in de jaren ’30 en na een weekje vakantie was adolf hitler ook geert leers beste vriend

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#3 Likoed Rottumerplaat

Ons beraad claimt dit terug te kunnen voeren tot Babylonische tijden!

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