De mens veroorzaakt hongersnood

Foto: Sargasso achtergrond wereldbol

Een bijdrage van Marc van Osocio.

One / Free From Famine from FutureDeluxe on Vimeo.

A very powerful video from One International. Not only powerful because of the graphics but especially by the music.
The message seems to be clear:
“Drought is an act of nature. Famine is man-made.”

But it isn’t that in general. It is a call to sign a petition which become apparent only after visiting the One website.
A little bit of criticism about great campaign video.

Dear World Leaders,
The famine in Somalia could kill 750,000 in the coming months, and tens of thousands have already died. When you meet at the Group of 20 (G20) Summit in November, you have the opportunity to break the cycle of famine and ensure people are hungry no more. Lives are in your hands. Please keep the promises you have made to the 2 billion poor people who depend on farming for their livelihoods.

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Ik heb ook liever zelf meer zekerheid door op te potten. Ook als dat betekent dat iemand anders hierdoor sterft.