De grote volksverhuizing

Terwijl iedere scheet in de Amerikaanse presidentsverkiezingen wordt opgeblazen tot orkaanproporties, blijft de aandacht voor China minimaal. En dat is jammer, want de ontwikkeling van China lokt alleen maar superlatieven uit. The Economist heeft sinds kort een speciale sectie in zijn blad om het land eindelijk eens wat beter voor het voetlicht te brengen en dat levert mooie verhalen op.

Onderstaand filmpje vertelt even kort hoe gigantisch de veranderingen in China zijn aan de hand van de volksverhuizingen. Ik zou zeggen kijk en verwonder.


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    The picture is on Flickr:
    http: // /photos/globalcitizen01/6203748314/sizes/m/in/photostream/

    Which of the provided sizing formats is the correct one to use? :-)
    The cropping is something the wordpress software does (or so it seems).

    But the most interesting one is the attribution. The Flickr page only supplies GlobalCitizen01 as your name. Even on your frontpage. So what is the name that should be used and where can it be found?

    Oh, and clicking on the “some rights reserved” link on the Flickr page gives a 2.0 license, sorry:

    So please help us out (apart from the cropping).

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    You are not giving your real name on Flickr, you are publishing under a pseudonym/stage name. A link to your Flickr photo is provided, I don’t see how you could ask for more.

    The picture is not cropped. Resizing for layout does not constitute a derived work.

    And yes, you are publishing under BY-NC-ND 2.0. Follow the link on your own Flickr page.

    If you do not understand CC licensing, perhaps you should choose another license for your pictures.

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    Since you have chosen to be a smart arse, you will hear from my lawyer

    Hundreds of websites around the world are able to follow the approriate license conditions for free use of the image and the you come along and want to be a smart arse.