Wouter Mijland

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Achtergrond: Jay Huang (cc)
Foto: Eric Heupel (cc)

Bush meat and bad booze

Some pictures I took of bush meat people offered me yesterday while biking to Mindourou and back. Some drunk Baka started to ask me large sums of money when I took the first picture. I asked them why and they said I will earn billions in Europe with those pictures. Sometimes it is hard to explain that I am a poor bastard, just like them. Especially when they are drunk. Alcoholism is rampant here in the jungle. Modernisation with all its negative aspects came very fast the last few years, maybe as fast as the log truck came suddenly, following forest exploitation. People started to watch TV and many got a totally strange perspective on “the west”. They watched western business man and consultants drive by, well dressed, living expensive and driving big cars. Traditional structures and culture eroded and are still eroding fast. It is rather sad to experience this. In some villages people drink from the early morning ‘till the late evening, abandoning their plantations, just selling bush meat and spending money on booze. This highly increases pressure on wild life. For one smoked monkey they can buy 23 plastic bags of the worst quality toilet cleaner they call whiskey here. Soon we will have to start alcoholism prevention projects I’m afraid…