Opium voor het volk

Het dodental als gevolg van de instorting van een kledingfabriek vlakbij Dhaka, de hoofdstad van Bangladesh, staat inmiddels boven de 900.

En dit is de protestbeweging van het moment:

Violence erupted across Bangladesh on Monday as Islamist fundamentalists demanding passage of an anti-blasphemy law clashed with security forces, leaving a trail of property damage and at least 22 people dead after a second day of unrest.

The skirmishes began Sunday when thousands of Islamic activists staged a march on Dhaka, the capital, followed by speeches and a mass demonstration. The authorities say several hundred shops were vandalized, and local television channels showed fires in the central part of the city. Later, when protesters refused to leave, security officers unleashed tear gas and fired rubber bullets to drive them out of the capital.

The confrontations escalated on Monday, as a major clash occurred about 15 miles outside the capital in the district of Narayanganj, where photographs show stick-wielding protesters fighting police officers in riot gear. Bangladeshi news media reported that three security officers were beaten to death while a dozen other people were killed, including protesters shot by the police. Traffic was halted for at least eight hours on one of the country’s most important highways, connecting Dhaka with the southern port of Chittagong.

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    @2: Haha, prachtig. “Vorige maand gaf het tribunaal al levenslang aan een ander lid van dezelfde partij, Abdul Qader Mollah, die terecht stond voor moord op 344 mensen, verkrachting van een elfjarig meisje en de onthoofding van een befaamde dichter”. Daarbij vergeleken is zelfs Berlusconi nog een frisse jongen.

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