Libanees blog (via Bieslog)

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Libanees blog (via Bieslog)

message in a bottle
dear friends and family from lebanon and abroad,

i am receiving tons of supportive emails everyday. thank you all. we really need your eyes and ears.
i am trying as much as possible to answer everybody.
however, some questions are common to all, and i think it is relevant to answer to the most asked one here.

to the question: ‘how can we help?’

the answer is: speak.

speak about the shit happening here. speak with your family. with your friends. with people you don’t know. in a bar, a restaurant, at work. with the people in the streets. talk to everybody. talk to buildings.
from here, it seems for us that no one in the whole world cares for those fucking burned children corpses.

ps: our swiss friend, musician markus eichenberger ordered a lebanese flag and is going to put it on his balcony. he asked all his friends to do so. i don’t know where the fuck they find lebanese flags in zurich but it seems like a cool thing to do. after the mondial, all europe exchange their flags for the -ugly- lebanese one.


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