Het Egyptische leger brengt niet alleen vrede en democratie, maar geneest nu ook AIDS en Hepatitis C


On Saturday, the Egyptian armed forces announced in a press conference that its engineering department had invented devices to diagnosis and HIV and Hepatitis C: “The armed forces have achieved a scientific breakthrough by inventing devices to diagnose and treat Hepatitis C and HIV without taking a blood sample from the patient that gets immediate results at a low cost,” said army spokesperson Colonel Ahmed Ali. […]

Physician and Major-General Ibrahim Abdel-Atti, the man behind the reported scientific breakthroughs, said the HIV and Hepatitis C treatments had a 100 percent success rate.

“I started working on this project 22 years ago,” Abdel-Atti said. “It started secretly in the military intelligence but now we are announcing it to the whole world.”

Maar dit verrassend goede nieuws was wat al te ongeloofwaardig, zo vond zelfs de Egyptische regering:

Devices invented by the armed forces to diagnose and treat Hepatitis C and HIV should be tested by the international scientific community, the scientific advisor to Interim President Adly Mansour said.

“The presidency affirms that scientific institutions should comply with international standards before announcing the results of their research,” Said Heggy said in a statement published via Facebook on Sunday.

On Tuesday, Al-Watan newspaper quoted Heggy saying the devices are unconvincing and appear to have no clear scientific basis.

Het Egyptische leger zal zijn glorieuze uitvindingen echter niet aan onbetrouwbare buitenlandse testen laten onderwerpen:

Major General Abdullah Taher, the head of the army’s engineering authority, told Al-Ahram Arabic news website that the devices would not be exported abroad in order to protect them from “the mafia” of big pharmaceutical companies and nations that control the pharmaceutical industry.

Het feit dat legerleider Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, onder wiens verantwoordelijkheid deze grootse ‘wetenschappelijke doorbraak’ tot stand kwam, graag de komende presidentsverkiezingen wil winnen, zal hier vast helemaal los van staan…

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