Een kijkje in Raqqa

Foto: Sargasso achtergrond wereldbol

Het leven in de IS-‘hoofdstad’ gaat ondanks alles door.

Op een bepaalde manier…

Last summer, crimes like smoking or failing to shutter a shop during prayer time would have earned transgressors several dozen lashes, but some religious police have started to accept fines in place of punishment from those who can afford it. There are even reports that they have been forcing traders to stay open through prayers, so that they can collect more money from them – around 1,500 Syrian pounds (around £5) each time.

It is not just money that they are short of. They lack blood for fighters injured in air strikes or on the frontline. People don’t want to donate, so they compel them. Anyone with business at the Islamic court is told first to go to a certain hospital, donate a pint of blood, then return with the receipt. Only then will the case be processed.

You can’t pay your way out of that donation, even if you do have money, which not everyone does. They have shut down many companies, including legal firms, for instance. Isis doesn’t believe in the old legal system, claiming that it tries to replace Allah’s law with the law of men.

Isis doesn’t want people to work, it just wants them to suffer, so that the men will join the group, and the women will marry Isis fighters. The Isis men seem to be sex-mad. They are always confiscating Viagra from pharmacies, which people think they use themselves. Many take several wives and are still looking for captives to take as concubines, like the Yazidi women.

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#1 gbh

In Italië zit de angst er goed in voor een ander ISIS bolwerk, volgens de Italiaanse geheime dienst worden 11 vliegtuigen klaargemaakt voor een herhaling van 9/11.

Ook zijn er berichten dat milities (meestal wordt ISIS genoemd) het chemische wapenarsenaal van Gaddafi heeft overgenomen.

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