Where is Raed’s brother ?

Khalid Jarrar, de broer van Raed Jarrar is opgepakt door de Iraakse geheime dienst en wordt gevangengehouden. Raed Jarrar kennen we nog van het duo Salam Pax – Raed (Where is Raed?).

Khilid Jarrar heeft een weblog, secretsinbaghdad.blogspot.com, mogelijk houdt dit verband met zijn arrestatie. Raed Jarrar is heeft ook een kritisch weblog, readinthemiddle.blogspot.com, maar is ook blij:

If your child or sibling vanishes for two days then calls from the secret service jail in any other place on earth, that would be considered a disaster and a violation of human rights…

In Iraq, however, it’s Happy News.

Because the other options include: To be tortured, executed, and thrown in garbage by SCIRI and their Badr brigades. To be held by the Iraqi police and left to choke to death in one of their cars. To be held by the US troops then disappear and be mistreated for months in one of their many prisons. To be kidnapped by one of the countless criminal gangs and cost your family some tens of millions of Iraqi Dinars and/or your life.

So now you can see why being held at the mukhabarat jail is such happy news