Plant een gedachte en zie hem groeien

Foto: Sargasso achtergrond wereldbol

There is a lot to read on the internet about climate change. Too much maybe.
Heimat-Berlin devised a way to make this overload visually pleasant. They called it the ECOSPHERE Project.

It is made for the COP17 Climate Change Conference held in Durban, South Africa right now. It became a project from CNN International for its coverage of the conference.

The idea is that you, the visitor, plant a thought with a tweet. And watch it grow with other submissions. Which makes it a real-time view of the global climate change discussion. Each submitted tweet will stimulate growth in the individual topic plants causing some plants to grow larger or faster than others depending on how the conversation is evolving. The result is an instant snapshot of how the world sees climate change.

The ECOSPHERE Project is a fascinating snapshot of the global climate discussion I experienced myself tonight. It is a journey for hours or days. Because of the used technique, the microsite is built on webGL, Google Chrome or Firefox is required.

Heimat-Berlin also have the ECOSPHERE hub inside the conference in Durban complete with real-time hologram and large format screen sharing the climate change thoughts of thousands with the delegates. See the photo’s of the hologram on Flickr.

Behind the scenes:

Behind the scenes of the CNN Ecosphere project from minivegas on Vimeo.

Making of CNN Ecosphere:

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Leuk idee dat veel energie kost.