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    Ik krijg ’t idee dat-ie een variant van Chartalism uitlegt.

    hier een transcript, met een aardige quote:

    GRILLO: Amazing! Holy sh*t… Once we used to issue money only when there was gold in the lock boxes, we used to issue money only when there were our savings to back the f*cking checks or credit cards. There’s nothing there anymore! They issue money and lend it to us.

    Now, let me ask you one thing: Who does money belong to? Who does its ownership belong to? To the State, fine [well, not with the anarchists] …. Then to us, we are the State. You know the State doesn’t exist, it is only a legal entity. WE are the state, then the money is ours…. Fine. Do you agree? Yes? Fine. Then, let me know one thing. If the money belongs to us… Why… do they lend it to us?

    Met reactie van Lambert Strether (Naked Capitalism):


    Asking does the the ownership of money (as opposed to mere money) belong to sounds a little meta, and it is, but it’s the key question. MMT answers that money should be created for public purpose, and so does Grillo. Can you imagine any legacy party politician in America asking this question?

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