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    Vertrekkende spindoctor Karin Hughes heeft zo haar eigen mening over de geschiedenis van de luggage inspection:

    [blockquote] This week I attended a movie premiere, but without Hollywood stars – this is Washington after all. The stars of this film are the men, women and children of America, shown at work, at play and going about their daily lives. … When I first started working on America’s public diplomacy a couple of years ago, a few things became very clear, very quickly. First, all our research shows that people who have visited America and seen us for themselves have much more positive views … But that collided with another reality – that in the aftermath of September 11th, new security regulations designed to protect both our citizens and our guests had slowed the visa process, made our airports seem less friendly, and generally created a perception that was more off-putting than welcoming. … I started looking for partners to help us put out a better welcome mat, and realized that the travel tourism industry had a shared interest in bringing people to our country. We started brainstorming ways to make the entire process, from getting a visa to standing in an airport security line, more customer friendly. One of the things we all talked about from our very first meeting was using television monitors to display a welcoming video message as people stood in lines to go through customs.[/blockquote]

    Bron: http://www.spindoktor.de/

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    Mijn koffer was na controle door de Amerikaanse douane netter dan ik hem zelf had ingepakt. Dat compenseerde weer voor de kommaneuker die me een uitbrander gaf omdat ik een formuliertje in druk- ipv hoofdletters had ingevuld.