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    (Excerpt from Thomas Friedman editorial) From the NY Times, 25 Nov

    If I can’t be The Man, then I at least want to be the owner of a
    Hummer – with American flag decals all over the back bumper, because
    Hummer owners are, on average, a little more patriotic than you and

    Yes, I want to drive the mother of all gas-guzzlers that gets so
    little mileage you have to drive from gas station to gas station.
    Yes, I want to drive my Hummer and never have to think that by
    consuming so much oil, I am making transfer payments to the worst
    Arab regimes that transfer money to Islamic charities that transfer
    money to madrassas that teach children intolerance, antipluralism
    and how to hate the infidels.

    And when one day one of those madrassa graduates goes off and joins
    the jihad in Falluja and kills my neighbor’s son, who is in the U.S.
    Army Rangers, I want to drive to his funeral in my Hummer. Yes, I
    want to curse his killers in front of his mother and wail aloud, “If
    there was only something I could do …” And then I want to drive
    home in my Hummer, stopping at two gas stations along the way.

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    Maar dan wel weer met een laadbak voor mietjes, Kim Sung-Il. Daar kun je niet eens een dode moslim-extremist, laat staan een stevige dode red-neck in vervoeren dus wat heb je daar nu aan?