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    Ik had mijn stropdas al in de mond.. maar googlede net op tijd dat Abkhazie in Noordwesten speelt. Naast Russen heeft dat geschiedenis met Turken maar niet direct met de Oesmeen. Pffew.

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    A tribute to the sacred memory of our elderly, massacred by terrorist separatists, their supporters and their masters in Georgian province of Apkhazeti (“Abkhazia”) in 1993-1995.

    Mr. Ardzinba, from the trashcan of History where you belong and where your own people will grant you your miserable spotlight, can you hear the cries of a 103 yrs old lady, tortured and executed by your henchmen?

    Dear Russian entertainers, musicians, actors, singers – while participating in the celebrations of the Georgian genocide in “Abkhazia”, did orange-mandarins from expropriated gardens of the burned alive Georgians improve your poor taste and professional inadequacy?

    Mr. Luzhkov, The Mayor of Moscow! How does it feel to build the “Palace of Friendship” on burned bones of our tortured grandfathers and grandmothers?

    Mr. Putin, are you ready to have the Sochi Olympics right next to the slaughterhouse and to engage the butchers in the glorious preparations for the games?

    Messrs. UN, EU, OSCE and other officials who tell us our dead are nothing compared to the Russian gas and Mr. Putin’s naked torso! For how long are you going to ignore the Georgian Holocaust and the suffering of 350 000 Georgian refugees?

    We’ll never forget nor forgive.

    The work on identification of the victims and their murderers will continue. We will identify, find and bring to justice those responsible, one by one. There’s no time limit in pursuing the war criminals.

    Justice will be served.

    Lists of the war crime victims from