1. 2

    Aaaggghrrr, check het verweer van de treinmaatschappij, dan:

    “During a routine high-visibility patrol, they spoke with a passenger on the platform at Fareham station. […] We would like to thank him for his co-operation and understanding of the need to be vigilant in the current environment.”

    Wat een tegenspraak! Het was een routine-controle, maar we moeten wel, want je weet maar nooit in het huidige klimaat. Wat is het nou? Is er dikke paniek, of is het routine?

  2. 3

    We employ highly professional rail community officers who work closely with the British Transport Police in protecting the security of passengers on the rail network.

    “Highly professional” is blijkbaar engels voor “volkomen achterlijk”…

  3. 4

    Het was waarschijnlijk verdacht dat hij pen en papier gebruikte in plaats van een laptop.

    @3: “Highly professional” betekent: Volkomen doorgedraaid.

  4. 5

    Verklaring = laughing stock.

    Waarom niet deze:

    “The situation was far from clear. At closer inspection, one of our officers was troubled by a passenger who carried a note with the most peculiar phrases on it. Finally – and to the amusement of passengers and officers – the cause of all the confusion was cleared up; it was a couple of jotted down daft modern song titles and some equally half civilized names of music bands.”