“The worst place on earth”

Foto: Sargasso achtergrond wereldbol

…ligt niet ergens in Syrië, Jemen, of een andere brandhaard in het Midden-Oosten, maar in Zuid-Soedan.

And then there’s the clothes. I find a desert camouflage shirt, its pattern typically called “chocolate chip.” A short way off, there’s a rumpled pair of gray pants, beyond it a soiled blue tee-shirt sporting the words “Bird Game” and graphics resembling those of the video game “Angry Birds.”

And then there’s a spinal column.

A human one.

And a pelvis. And a rib cage. A femur and another piece of a spinal column. To my left, a gleaming white skull. I turn slightly and glimpse another one. A few paces on and there’s another. And then another.

Behalve moord is ook systematische verkrachting aan de orde van de dag:

When a team from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights investigated late last year, they found that rape and sexual slavery were one way members of youth militias who carried out attacks alongside the SPLA were paid. Among others, they interviewed a mother of four who encountered a group of soldiers and armed civilians. “The men,” the report recounts, “proceeded to strip her naked and five soldiers raped her at the roadside in front of her children.” She was then dragged into the bush by two other soldiers who raped her and left her there. When she eventually returned to the roadside, her children, aged between two and seven, were missing.

A woman from a nearby village in Koch County told the investigators that, in October 2015, “after killing her husband, the SPLA soldiers tied her to a tree and forced her to watch as her fifteen year old daughter was raped by at least ten soldiers. The soldiers told her, ‘You are a rebel wife so we can kill you.’” Another mother reported “that she witnessed her 11-year old daughter and the daughter’s 9-year old friend being gang-raped by three soldiers during an attack in Koch in May 2015.”

Het allerergste: er is geen enkel uitzicht op verbetering van de situatie.

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#1 Joop

Niet interessant.

Dat zijn Christenen, kan nooit zo erg zijn als de muzelmannen.

#2 frankw

Goed Jeroen dat je de aandacht op het gebied vestigt. Ik geloof overigens dat de afgrijselijke zaken daar letterlijk grenzeloos zijn, want vrijwel identiek aan Darfur in Soedan.

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