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    Goed stuk over de gbh-isering van de Democraten:

    Inderdaad een goed stuk. Je bent kennelijk nogal bang voor mijn boodschap omdat je mij altijd op een bepaalde manier probeert weg te zetten.

    @frankw dat: “kunnen jullie persoonlijke beledigingen hier achterwege laten?” geld dat ook voor de redactie?

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    – Therealnews, may 20th 2017 Paul Jay:

    Now deal with the issue of human rights, free and fair elections and all of this. I have to say in the United States, it’s rather rich in hypocrisy for the United States to be critiquing anybody’s elections or interfering in their elections, given how the United States interferes in everybody’s elections and how the elections at home have this … Often a real veneer of democracy, given how the American oligarch can still control the outcome of American elections simply because they have so much money to throw at it. That being said, there’s less veneer of democracy in the Russian elections, if I have it correctly. Is that true?

    Jeffrey Tayler, a contributing editor at The Atlantic and the author of seven books, having traveled the length and breadth of Russia commenting

    – Counterpunch, may 19th 2017 Robert Fisk:

    Donald Trump sets off on Friday to create the fantasy of an Arab Nato. There will be dictators aplenty to greet him in Riyadh, corrupt autocrats and thugs and torturers and head choppers. There will be at least one zombie president – the comatose, undead Abdelaziz Bouteflika of Algeria who neither speaks nor, apparently, hears any more – and, of course, one totally insane president, Donald Trump. The aim, however, is simple: to prepare the Sunni Muslims of the Middle East for war against the Shia Muslims. With help from Israel, of course.

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    @8: Rare jongens, die Engelsen Van cock robin tot de grootste … zou je zeggen. Echter … politicians pay attention to your class, and fight for your vote in election seasons.

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    @7: Hoezo, ‘sorry.’? Tom Dumoulin zei gisteren al dat de rit van vandaag voor hem op maat gesneden is. (of zoiets) Een man een man, een woord een woord. Dat mag best even gemeld worden.

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