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    Salon, may 11th 2017:
    All political power is being concentrated in the office of the president. All law enforcement power is being concentrated in the office of the attorney general and, when it comes to enforcing the law regarding the Trump campaign and its contacts with elements of the Russian government, in the office of the deputy attorney general. The letters justifying Comey’s firing were generated by a man who had been in office less than two weeks and acted upon only hours after their receipt by the White House without any sort of reasonable consultation with anyone else but these three men. They have turned their offices into black holes into which things are meant to disappear without investigation or enforcement.

    Therealnews, may 12th 2017
    Wenonah Hauter, founder and Executive Director of Food & Water Watch on Trump’s: “We’ve removed the shackles on energy exploration imposed by the last administration, lifting the restrictions on the production of oil, shale, and natural gas. And very importantly for Pennsylvania, we have ended the war on beautiful, clean coal and we are putting our great coal miners back to work. I’m also very pleased to say that we have finally cleared the way for the construction of the Keystone, XL, and Dakota Access Pipelines. 48,000 new jobs. We have signed massive executive orders clearing up the environmental bureaucracy. We’re going to have jobs and you’re seeing them already”:

    I think it’s more alternative facts, better known as lies, from the Trump administration. We know if they were really serious about creating jobs, they would be embracing solar energy, which is the largest job creator that we’ve seen over the past couple of years. And they would be embracing energy efficiency. We’ve known for decades that we must start becoming more energy efficient, using less energy. If we were to, for instance, retrofit every existing building with new windows and do many of the other things to make our nation more efficient, we would create tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of new jobs. We could actually help working people in this country and help the environment.
    The Trump administration is not interested in doing anything for the environment. It’s all about keeping a few greedy energy companies getting the cash and continuing to really destroy the environment. I mean, we have a small cabal of right-wing radicals who are running the government. They really don’t care very much about the future or jobs.

    Therealnews, may 12th 2017 Paul Jay:

    I welcome the chaos in the White House and Congress. I think we have much more to fear from a functional Trump administration then one in disarray. With the firing of FDI head Comey the crazyness has crossed the line. The American state and the military institutions, the leaders of the political class and the billionaire elites where the real power resides are okay with a certain amount of zealotry in the White House. After all, most of them went along wth Dick Cheney. But the elites do want a certain amount of checks and balances. They don’t want a cabal to take the reigns off American power and yield it without limits. The firing threatens the system of power in Washington with a permanent state, the ‘deep state’ as some like to call it, and directly assert a systemic power and no president can defy it. The permanent state represents the basic interests of the billionaire class as a whole and it is their job to maintain the empire. Of course there are splits and fractures of many kind within this deep state, agencies and individuals that vie from authority and higher budgets. But together they will defend their institutional power. Even the president cannot be above it. He has to work within it. [If] Trump continues down this path, this chaos and megalomania will burn down his presidency. And rising from the ashes there will be a phoenix and the face of this dangerous creature wil be Mike Pence. Whether it is by impeachment, resignation or simply by de facto, Pence will be the real power in the White House. Maybe that was the plan all along, something we suggested months ago on Therealnews. Pences White House will be Cheney redux. Far more efficient and capable then the Trump clown show and far, far more dangerous for peoples everywhere.

    (transcript van mij zonder garantie dat er geen fouten in zitten – A.F.)
    Lawrence Wilkerson becommentarieert en geeft accenten.

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    Banken laten klanten extra rente (‘risico-opslag’) betalen als het huis ‘onder water staat’: als de waarde van het huis lager is dan het hypotheekbedrag. Maar bij een spaarhypotheek wordt een spaarpot opgebouwd, waardoor het risico dat de klant zijn hypotheek niet kan aflossen steeds kleiner wordt en zelfs kan verdwijnen. Desondanks blijft de risico-opslag in stand bij een verlenging van de rentevaste periode.

    Even kijken. De klant (de hypotheekgever) omzeilt de belasting door niet af te lossen, maar te sparen. Banken, die nooit vies zijn van een extra centje, zien dat als een uitdaging om de klant (de hypotheekgever) een extra poot uit te rukken.

    Soms lijkt hebt er op alsof er rechtvaardigheid is in het leven.


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