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    George Monbiot in the Guardian wringt de Brexiteers die zo afgeven op de EU subsidies nog even in dat onder hen de grootste ontvangers zijn. Grootgrondbezitters krijgen landbouwsubsidies zonder dat ze maar iets aan landbouw hoeven te doen. Geldt overigens ook voor de rest van Europa, we subsidiëren megarijke landbezitters, geen arme boeren.

    Whenever you see someone lamenting the “something for nothing culture” in the press, or attacking “bureaucrats, lobbyists and other jackals that scavenge for taxpayers’ money”, you could place a hefty bet that either they or people close to them are stuffing their pockets with EU funds.


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    Bin Laden defending Iran

    Iran was not exonerated from the 9/11 attacks, as it was actually reportedly involved in them.

    The six documents that Ash-Sharq al-Awsat daily published provide conclusive evidence that Iran facilitated the movement of al-Qaeda operatives to training camps in Afghanistan. This was necessary for the success of the 9/11 attacks.


    According to the documents, the late Hezbollah official Imad Mughniyeh visited those who carried out the operation in Oct. 2000, and planned their travel to Iran with new passports before carrying out the attacks. The documents also prove that Iran’s government ordered its border police not to stamp the perpetrators’ passports so they could easily move from one place to another.


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