Overzichtelijke zoekmachines voor Wikileaks-documenten…

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#1 Henrik

9, negen verwijzingen naar kabbelgat/Assange op de voorpagina van Sargasso.

en niet 1 (één) naar de grootste onthulling (more to come) omtrent “de financiële schurkenstaat Amerika” (typering niet van mij) ondanks dit topnieuws deze week:


een reaguurder aldaar schreef terecht:
Perhaps you need to re-read the article. The real issue is not the pittance of the bailouts – (a mere $750,000,0 00,000). That’s chump change designed to distract and confuse the true nature of the theft going on. Most especially since portions of it are being paid back so it looks like we made a good investment (and so that Wall Street can get back to unencumber ed big bonus payouts).

No, the true theft was the printing and loaning of about $13 – 15,000,000 ,000,000 (trillion)
given at ridiculous ly low interest rates (about 0.01%) and used by the recipients (Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, BofA, Citicorp, G.E., Verizon, McDonalds, Toyota, Duetche Bank, Suisse Bank, etc.) to purchase U.S. Treasury Securities .

These Securities pay between 3 – 4% interest, backed by the U.S. Government (you and I and every tax payer). The interest is part of the annual budget (deficit spending) needed to operate the nation, we are all paying for this spending, and what is not covered by revenue is added to the national debt. In short – we have given away (to the recipients ) $100’s of billions. Not loaned. No bail out! No strings attached! Nothing produced! Nothing worked for! Just good clean free money that you, I, our children and grandchild ren are going to be paying for.

While bailout (TARP) funds may be paid back – these will not. It’s a great scam! Makes Enron and Bernie Madoff out to be pikers unworthy of the title “crook”.

#2 Pfft

Best wel teleurstellend. Reagan scoort goed en Gorbatsjov niet zo goed. Je zou eigenlijk andersom verwachten.

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