1. 5

    I couldn’t believe my ears… Ridiculous magical claims. Where do these guys come from? As John very well put it: be prepared for some homeopathic BS.

    If as a Dutch you watch a documentary about Switzerland and suddenly experience a dejavu, it must be the water of the Rhine…

  2. 7

    Als de regering dit ziet zullen ze de waterzuiveringsbedrijven verplichten om het rioolwater per huishouden anderhalf jaar te bewaren om te kunnen onderzoeken op terroristische activiteiten.

  3. 10

    “A real flower was placed in the water. […] You could recognize the flower in every single drop in this glass. […] If you were to put a different flower in here, for example a Sweet William flower, all the drops of this water would look like Sweet William.”

    Hysterese of 1 april? Ik zet mijn geld in op 1 april.