ShaRIAA voor Irak

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De Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) helpt de irakezen met het schrijven van nieuwe copyrights wetgeving.

“Where before, they feared Saddam Hussein, now they have to fear Sony Records will chop off their hands if they bootleg a Madonna album.” (The Register).


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#1 Jan des Bouvrie

Attentie, attentie, het is weer tijd voor een update van mijn favoriete nieuwskanaal: Fox News. Dit is hoe men daar denkt over mensen die nog steeds vinden dat de oorlog in Irak misschien niet zo’n puik plan was. Ze vergeten alleen dat er iemand was die al die soldaten erheen stuurde…:

“I want those who still burn flags and hurl insults to change venues. Away from very public places like the White House or New York’s Times Square and to the front lawns of the homes of families who’ve lost loved ones.

If you’re so convinced fighting for the freedom of an oppressed people wasn’t worth their sons and daughters dying, then tell them directly.

Tell the young wife, who’s now a widow. Or the proud Indiana mom and dad, who are now childless. Or the 21-year-old woman just giving birth, who’s now a mother and a father.

Tell the four-year-old boy who doesn’t understand his dad won’t ever be coming back home to play. Or the sister who will never see her only brother.

Tell them their loved one’s mission was a lark. Tell them the smiles you saw on those cheering faces in Baghdad didn’t provide some comfort in this carnage. Tell them improving the plight of millions of starving Iraqis wasn’t worth their loved ones’ lives.

Go ahead. Lecture them. Rant at them. Save your speeches not for the politicians who make war, but the real people, who paid the price for this war.

When you call this war a waste, you call their loved ones’ ultimate sacrifice a waste as well. You demean them and you demean those who survive them.

I see a country liberated now. I’ll never forget the liberators.

I see a people smiling now. I’ll never forget the people who made them smile.

We should all die making such a difference. All you protesters, should live, making such a difference.

I want you now to look at the faces of sacrifice and honor and courage. And of people who spent their time, not burning the flag, but fighting and dying for it.

So the next time you refuse to bury the hatchet and insist you weren’t wrong, think of those who are burying their loved ones and need to know their cause was right.

They made a difference. You just make me sick.

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#2 Jan des Bouvrie

Natuurlijk vind Fox News zichzelf fantastisch en zijn alle andere zenders linkse idioten. Een paar fragmenten, weer van hun eigen site:

“While the war in Iraq is winding down, the war in the media continues to rage. The head of the BBC, the British Broadcasting Corporation, which was severely criticized for its anti-coalition reporting, has lashed out against some of the American media, including the FOX News Channel. “

“And that’s the crux of the matter. If we were not so successful here, the elite media would not care at all about our point of view. They would ignore it. Truth is FOX News Channel is emerging as one of the most powerful voices in America, and the elites can’t stand it. That’s because we reflect the point of view they find offensive, traditional values, a skepticism of politically correct thought, and a willingness to hear all points of view.”

“Talking point believes the crescendo of criticism directed at FOX News is flat out jealousy and fear. No longer does the elite media the set the tempo for the public discourse in America. The pirates, us, are now on the mainland. “

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#3 Verbal Jam

Leuke vondst, die titel! ;-)

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