Quote du Jour | Angry about the Muslims



Years ago, I watched a heated anti-Muslim protest outside New York. Most of the attendees were clearly from out of town, and angry about the Muslims they’d never met but were sure were here to take their country. For two hours, they railed and hollered. Famished by their phobia, they made their way to the many food trucks parked on the opposite side of the street, most of which were run by Muslims, serving Sharia compliant food. It was almost too funny to be true. But the protesters didn’t know any better, the vendors were happy to turn a profit, and everybody left happy.

How can you not love this country?

Haroon Moghul voorziet het laatste anti-moslimrelletje – rond een geplande begraafplaats in Farmersville, Texas – van het broodnodige perspectief.

Texas Muslims have children, and these Texans will go to school with other Texans, and future generations will think of Islam as just another faith. They’ll know that when Muslims die, they prefer to get buried. In their own cemeteries.

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