Quote du Jour | A sense of red alert


We often think of online activism as a shallow bid for fleeting attention, but the movement that Mckesson is helping to lead has been able to sustain the country’s focus and reach millions of people. Among many black Americans, long accustomed to mistreatment or worse at the hands of the police, the past year has brought on an incalculable sense of anger and despair. For the nation as a whole, we have come to learn the names of the victims — Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Tony Robinson, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray — because the activists have linked their fates together in our minds, despite their separation by many weeks and thousands of miles.

In the process, the movement has managed to activate a sense of red alert around a chronic problem that, until now, has remained mostly invisible outside the communities that suffer from it.

New York Times Magazine geeft een uitgebreid portret van het werk van een handjevol zwarte online activisten die stem geven aan de Afro-Amerikaanse onderklasse, en het probleem van systematisch politiegeweld en de minachting voor zwarte levens met succes agenderen.