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    CNN: “The Netherlands’ Party for the Animals said it has filed a complaint against the horses’ owner, and the operator of the wilderness area where they are stranded, since the Netherlands’ national weather service had put the country on alert for rising flood waters early Tuesday.

    The Agriculture Ministry ordered an investigation into the incident.

    “We’re going to work together with prosecutors to see whether there was any criminal act committed,” spokeswoman Anita Douven said. “That could be negligence, or possibly mishandling of the animals.”

    Ja, Amerika, als je in het najaar 19 paarden laat verzuipen, terwijl je had kunnen weten dat ze geëvacueerd moeten worden, dan kan dat “criminal neglicence” zijn. Dat weet zelfs nog de ex-directeur van de FEMA, zelf namelijk een paardenliefhebber.