Iranian weblogs and PayPal

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Because of the link to HasanPix Sargasso gets many visitors from iranian weblogs these days. Interesting, although I feel sorry that I can’t read the farsi text. Nevertheless, when I was scrolling down at ehsan.blogspot I could understand these english words:

Error 3029. Due to US economic sanctions you are not authorized to access the PayPal system. You can obtain further information from PayPal at 1-888-221-1161 or 402-935-7733 or from the Office of Foreign Assets Control at

Are those americans really blocking iranians on the internet because of this ridiculous idea that Iran belongs in this so-called Axis of Evil?!
Shame on America!


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#1 Jan des Bouvrie

Ik hoorde van The Horse dat hij laatst ook problemen had bij het benaderen van zijn favoriete site:

Hij kreeg de mededeling:
“The access to this page has been restricted by order of the President of the United States pending his personal investigation of the site for potential use by the Axis of Evil”

Bush vond zeker dat de plaatjes te traag laadden of zo…

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#2 EhsaniX

Hi there,
yes! unfotunately it’s true ! :(
the paypal and some other American websites, ban Iranian IP’s and will not let them use the services!
that was the message PayPAl website gave me when i wanted to login to my account via an Iranina ISP,
have fun ;)

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#3 Carlos

Ehsan thank you for your information!
Hopefully you will be able to fool the american IP bann system.
Good luck! ;-)

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#4 Jan des Bouvrie

Couldn’t you use one of these anonymizer websites to create a random IP number? That is usually an effective way to circumvent IP bans and the like.

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#5 Carlos

Ik think he wrote something about it (in farsi), I saw a link to Stealther and MultiProxy.

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